The Sex Oracle and the sacred wisdom

‘The Sex Oracle’ is both an erotic and spiritual saga. Read excerpts below:


The Sex Oracle out now! An introduction by the author.

-In my early childhood in Northern Finland, in the middle of the kingdom of bears and wolves, I saw an aeroplane high in the sky. I shouted at the time “drop the flight ticket”. I certainly had no idea at the time that my wish would come true to the max.

The clue to my book is the protagonist’s constant travel between cities and continents. Like myself on my travels, he sits in the aisle seat in the middle of the plane. Exciting and erotic encounters take place. The book is largely based on my own life, with the realities of life being very palpable and close at times: The spiritual awakening, out of the body-experiences. An inner force that moves us, to fall in love, to open our hearts to feel, to experience our sexuality in all its fullness. Not to deny any part of ourselves. The Sex Oracle has not been ironed out by the publisher, but there is a roughness to it, an imperfection of being human, and mistakes too. I invite the reader to be an active participant so that we can create it together.

The reading experience can be very intense and at times difficult, while at the same time it disconnects us from our own prejudices and ideas about what is real and what is fiction. More than 40 years ago the author became a disciple of Osho Rajneesh visiting his spiritual masters Ashram for long periods during the years. The dialogue in one chapter of the book is fictional, with Osho as the inspiration for the story. On the pages of “The Sex Oracle” the ‘Guru’ can also be seen as a wisdom already within each of us, as a state of enlightenment. “The Sex Oracle” is a growth journey of walking step by step across the spectrum of humanity towards the experience of enlightenment, with small satori’s as signposts along the path. 

The story begins with sexuality, the daring discovery of our own path and ends with true divinity.

The title of the book, “The Sex Oracle” is, as the title suggests, a description of the sexuality of the protagonist as it evolves through experience towards maturity. The second part of the book’s title “and the sacred wisdom” begins to unfold to the reader halfway through the book towards the climax of the final pages.
Below are links where you can read excerpts and watch a video where the author describes more about The Sex Oracle an The Sacred Wisdom.

A reader’s feedback:

For those who don’t shy away from reading a book in less than perfect English (it was translated from Finnish by the author with the help of AI Translate), this is an intriguing and exciting story (partly auto-biography, partly fiction) about a man who in his search for enlightenment works his way through the 1st, 2nd and 3rd chakras to land in the heart space, thus opening the door to higher dimensions of love.

After the premature death of his wife and a period of deep despair, the protagonist pulls himself together and embarks on a journey through the intricacies and delights of raw uninhibited sex, which he elaborately describes in both impudent and poetic language.

Gradually we see him unfolding from a self-centred and narcissistic (ab)user into a refined and sensitive lover who takes his countless partners (in the most varied and unusual settings) to the peaks of carnal lust and ecstasy.

Though he makes sure not to be caught up in a relationship, over the years there is one woman who manages to penetrate his heart. She is the one who in the end helps him make a shift from the ‘horizontal’ to the ‘vertical’ dimension and teaches him about freedom in unity, which eventually allows both of them to experience glimpses of the ultimate wisdom.

This story is an interesting illustration of Osho’s credo that there is no enlightenment unless we first come to terms with our sexuality.

Yoyo van der Kooi (Ma Prem Els) – Arnhem, November 16, 2022 –

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The Publisher:



The Sex Oracle is both an erotic and spiritual saga. The novel of 400 pages is set on a global map of the world. The narrative is an intuitive stream of thought in which dreams and reality merge into one orgasmic entity. Welcome to accompany a world of expressions and senses. As we read this upcoming story, it is all about stretching our minds, seeing the prejudices and belief systems in oneself, and embracing the differences in us, the people.

The back cover of The Sex Oracle

Anup Henrikki Takarautio was born into a working-class family in northern Finland and dreamed of being on an aeroplane as a child. This wish came true as he has been travelling the world for decades. He has compiled his global travel experiences into a tasty book that is part fiction and part fact. Erotic encounters alternate with deep introspection. Sensitive poetry meets the raw pleasure of sexuality. The reader is at the centre of events as the story surges forward towards its climax. At the end, we arrive into silence and meditation.
For current information, visit the author’s YouTube channel;

Watch now the video of Anup Henrikki talking for the first time about his book:

Excerpts from “The Sex Oracle”:

“After deep pleasure, gradually remove yourself from the woman’s
body, not immediately. Surrender to her embrace and the softness
of her body, she to your firmness, and in this floating oneness,
as the dripping contents of each other’s saliva glands are shared
through the mouths, then just surrender to her. Our mutual
passion gradually merges with the caresses we interactively give
and receive from each other.
It is this timeless togetherness that a woman needs to be totally
erotic and full-bodied. She feels especially the importance of
being attended to even after climax. After the act small intimate
caresses, the appropriate gradual prolongation of the final climax.
Attention to the woman both before and especially after the climax
of the act. How many of us men do not understand this, and even if
we do, a few of us actually bother to do anything significant about
it. This, in my view, is a big reason why so many women walk on
streets, as well as at home, with their mouths agape and men in
turn are dragging their feet’s forward with frowning foreheads.
Both sexes are losers in this senseless setting. Over time, the
situation changes and the brain has lost contact with the subtle
sensory mechanism of the body. Having been part of this system
for some time now, you know what I’m talking about. But back

then my age was young and ignorant. Since then, my emotions
have become sensitive and my response has changed rapidly
from one side to the other. This sensitivity often allows me to
understand women’s needs better than they do.”

“Three times me, what does that mean? I am a sexual Buddhist,
I am an ascetic tantric, I am the godless Christ.
To be aware of all this within a human being is so helplessly
heavy. You can talk to only a few people, because few people are
really aware of their inner world to the extent that I am.
Perhaps it was all written in the stars at the beginning of time,
as the Egyptians described the human mind in ancient times.
Their consciousness was probably already more extensive then
than most of us have today. The Pyramid Priests’ time I can
identify with, because I know I was one of them. So the story
has been told to me, and even before this clairvoyant told me, I
knew everything she was saying. Word for word. Not floating in
the clouds or in my past lives, but I see them as interesting trails
of thought along which I can wander and find new ways to solve
current crises.
Apologies for my gloomy thoughts, because I am not keeping the
promise given some time ago when I started discussing these now
serious matters. But everything changes and even the universe
starts somewhere. Similarly, eternity always ends at some point,
which in turn is the beginning of something new. Can this new
thing be called the modern universe then, who cares? I see hope
in this impending clarification of the light that begins to shine
upon the dark road on which I still linger for a while. I am stuck
in this one place, standing still, not knowing the right direction. I
accept it because I have no choice.
There are a huge number of situations in my life when I didn’t
know exactly the direction I was going in. The only thing I knew
was that I trusted a part of myself that came not from external
religions, not from limitations, but from my heart. My heart’s love
towards life. Being very simple in this state, I am aware then that
I am not fighting against my own sensitivity. This is my deepest
morality expressed in the simplest words. In some of my deepest
moments of hopelessness, I fear that I will die forgotten and no one
will miss me. Like a stranger who comes to visit without meeting
anyone and leaves without being missed, I leave this world. Maybe
that’s what I hope for in my own masochism. To be a stranger to
everyone, even if I succeed in the world.
Reminds me of the Orson Welles film Citizen Kane – The
Many people think it’s the best film of all time. I’ve seen it a few
times. It lacks modern special effects and a fast-paced rhythm.
It was groundbreaking in many ways at the time. In many
cinematic solutions and, of course, in the performances of the
main characters. The life of a very rich man opens with a question
at the beginning of the film about the meaning of the dying man’s
last words. Later, in the film’s final climax, the viewer realizes what
he lost in his childhood and what he longed for at the moment of
his death. Don’t we all feel the same way?
The child we once were lost his innocence, and no matter how
rich or famous we became, we will always miss the part of our
past that we lost as a result of our own growth and ambition. We
seek relief from the torment that chills our hearts through drugs
or sex, but in the dark hours of the night on the last day of our
lives, we are every moment our authentic selves, asking for the
Rosebud we once were.”

This paradox of life and death, by the way, saddens me in
all its non-satire, but I cannot help but being the truth of my own
life and the developer of its creative joys. In this truth of my life,
sometimes miraculous things happen, even if I am not looking for
them. I meet people and they really begin to live in my company.
Some part of me makes the almost dead believe in their passion
again, but I am not a miracle worker. Of course, in all my grief,
I’ve noticed this too. Maria died once upon a time, and as much
as I hoped otherwise, I failed to keep her alive.
But let me stop slandering others, because frankly, I don’t enjoy
belittling others. For now, at least, I promise not to repeat this
torment again. But how to promise something like this in a longer
article when I’m nowhere near the halfway point of my story?
Let me continue unpacking my story, because apparently all of
us erotic travellers are dying to hear and read about my next
adventures after leaving Rome. Here the reader is told about my
contradictory way of writing, where I describe my encounters both
in the present and in the dust of the distant past. Understandably,
if someone sometimes loses the plot in these pages, and to avoid
this I try to give a simple reason before the tenth encounter with
a particular woman why I mention that person.
Many male literary friends, no doubt, will understand why I
describe in detail my adventures with Bianca. And perhaps a
few women might feel their genitals tingling as they read these
memories, as if longing for my arms. An irresistible passion
demanding caresses. The emotions of both sexes I take as a
compliment to this surprising quality of mine as a writer, but above
all I take them as a tribute to my abilities as a lover, which are not a
birth gift to me but the result of intensive training. For this reason,
I encourage men in particular to identify with my words and to
open themselves to this truth, which I see growing in me through
the intuitive love of women. When a man is a sensitive, skilful and
attentive lover, a woman opens up to him in a holistic way. This is
a very beautiful experience for both.”

“I’m going to book a flight tickets to India online. I have never been there, and there are reasons for my attitude so far, which go back to India’s long history. Now my own situation has suddenly changed and I
want to go there as soon as possible. Early in the morning, while walking through the streets of Florence, I remembered reading about the guru who is different from the other gurus of India.
Sounds a rather unusual description, but it piqued my interest. I see myself as very separate from my social environment and if someone is somehow similar to me in their uniqueness and difference, they are interesting. There are as many gurus in India as there are people in Amsterdam. This reflects the country’s priorities. India’s spiritual tradition is itself thousands of years old, but today it is largely a memory of the past and also a festering mass of guru-feuds and sexual psychosis. British colonialism caused the withering away of India’s spiritual and sexual freedom. At that time, the British created a puritanical and old-fashioned system of governance under which they ruled and impoverished the entire country both spiritually and materially. Mahatma Gandhi’s inward-looking revolution did not open up the deep recesses of the country to the beauty of life, but deepened the rigid Puritanism initiated by the British. India was finally liberated from colonial rule, but the status of women also deteriorated further. When a woman is not free, no man is free.
The above analysis is my current opinion of India, and it is a consequence that I have not been there before. The core of my respect for women is that women are free. This is very much the case in the West. Not perfect, of course, but it is evolving. I am going to India to meet a guru who says he has liberated a woman. Very interesting.”

I enter the great gate of the Ashram and step into a new world. Although the noise of traffic is still outside, it seems very quiet here inside the gates. All around are large trees, bamboos, providing shade from the sun of the day. Artfully shaped marble paths criss-cross between the trees. I see people moving, alone and together. They all seem to be smiling, though not necessarily looking at anyone. People are obviously somehow different here inside the walls than outside, and a certain harmony sticks with me as well. And I’m only here for a few minutes. I wonder what happens if I stay here longer?

There’s a big tent in front of me. The word tent seems small, because when I go inside it, I see how huge it is. You could easily play a football match in there. The walls are several meters high with a mosquito net and the roof support is one giant curved metal tube with stof roofing material stretched over it. Thick metal cables hold the whole structure to the ground. Opposite the entrance is a podium on which stands a high-backed armchair. I was told the Guru is speaking tonight. The entrance fee includes a meal, so I get to the back of the queue that snakes into a restaurant in the complex. The food looks and is sweet-smelling, so I gratefully take my vegetable dish, heading for a seat in the small park. In such warm weather, many things seem to happen outside.” 

I sit down to taste the meal and observe my sensations. What am I really expecting from this visit? Not much. I feel more like I need a different environment than I’m used to, and these few hours have already calmed my mind a lot. There is a group of women sitting next to me and I am enjoying chatting with them. Their gentle laughter sounds like music to my ears. Many women here appear to be happy. In fact, each and every one I’ve seen so far. Just thinking, what could be the reason? Has the guru brainwashed them? I heard about something like that somewhere. When you look at people, they appear to be the opposite, and they also seem to be very alert and not unmotivated robots.

My mind is spinning with new questions to which I cannot find an answer, at least not from myself. I have only been here a few hours and no one is telling me to do anything. I know that the guru will speak within two hours, because I read it in the programme. It’s free, as long as you don’t smell of dirt or perfume. Now that’s interesting. Personally, I’ve almost thrown up sometimes when been around people wearing strong perfumes, so I’m more than happy to have a couple of those rules. I seem to like that guru’s attitude even before I see him.”

Last page:

” Additional text: Dear reader, as you may have noticed, my book didn’t end with the last scene, but in a way it raised new questions about what happens next. The original manuscript was written in Finnish six months before the viral Covid epidemic began to spread worldwide. A little over a year later I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. A year and a half after the surgery, I decided to start translating the script into English, mainly so that people in the Netherlands who are dear to me could read my thoughts. I hope you enjoyed my story, which, although autofiction, is a good representation of my inner world. My gratitude to life right now is immense for everything I have experienced. Let us leave the future for tomorrow. Maybe it’s better that no one can see the future moments even from a crystal ball. Let this moment be a stepping stone to hope for better things, for that, combined with love and compassion, is the driving force of life.”

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